From Beyond to infinity…

Who would have thought two hosts of a Playstation podcast leaving to pursue other endeavors would have such an emotional and powerful farewell? IGN, perhaps the biggest video game site on the internet, has a long running podcast called Beyond!. In an incredibly sincere, thoughtful and pull out all the stops final episode, Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty said goodbye after a staggering 381 episodes. Here’s the video.

I’ve been a fan of Beyond! for only about half of its run, a little over three years. As primarily a Playstation gamer it was really informative, but Colin and Greg became two people I looked forward to spending an hour with every Tuesday, whether or not there was any noteworthy gaming news or not. Their chemistry is excellent, Greg the energetic and lovable goofball and Colin the stoic, sarcastic and opinionated counterpart. The bond the two have goes for beyond the show, the “ride or die” best friends are partners in their new project,

Greg has been with Beyond since its first episode, Colin joined shortly after episode 100. I first heard of their shocking decision to leave IGN right after getting back from a 2 week trip to Nicaragua. It’s a dream of mine to work at IGN, so my first reaction was “WHYY??! What are you guys thinking!?!” but after seeing them explain themselves in multiple videos on IGN and their new site, I’ve come to accept it and even drawn inspiration. It’s the video game equivalent to leaving your own editorial at the New York Times to start your own news organization. It takes some balls, and I look forward to seeing what becomes of kindafunny over the months and years to come.

I watched the latter half of the the final episode of Beyond! with my girlfriend, who is a not a gamer in the slightest, and even she was really moved. Watching colleagues and fans, even Shuhei Yoshida (President of Sony Computer Entertainment) send in videos wishing them well, as well as talking about the real bonds the show’s created between thousands of viewers/listeners was amazing. It was a moving testament to how games really do have the power to bring people together in meaningful ways, as well as the internet. Greg and Colin are two of my biggest role models and I too wish them all the best. Beyond!


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