Beliefs in the Industry

Hey Mitch! Liked your blog about trends in the industry. Would like to know you thoughts on the new Nintendo/Youtube Let’s Play controversy.


1. Change is a constant.

As with everything in life, if you do it long enough, you will tire of it eventually. The same applies to this industry. Ever since its’ inception many many years ago this industry has been a volatile mess of rapid and unforgiving change. We’ve seen a slow cool occur over the last decade, fads have become a thing, First Person Shooters dominated the gaming market for well over half a decade, unnecessary multiplayer was shoehorned into every game under the sun for a good two or three years, and most recently we’ve seen the rise of the Indie scene, and a MASSIVE return to 8,16,and 32 bit games. Now while this may not seem like a slowing down of change, compared to the retro days where there was no definitive path of where what games will go, if it was thought that it would make…

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