An all time favorite.

I was recently looking over my PS2 library for old times sake and saw my copy of Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. This was my first PS2 game and probably makes it into my personal Top 25 games of all time. I was 11 the first time I played it, several months before it was released in 2001 at the “Big Apple Anime Fest.” My first game EVER was Crash Bandicoot, and I loved that, so Jak & Daxter instantly blew me away (Both Naughty Dog games, if you didn’t know). When I finally owned the full game, it met all my expectations, and besides a few Mario games is my personal favorite 3D platformer of all time. I replayed it a couple years ago, and unlike its sequels to an extent, it’s aged very well.

I found a recent review on J&D on WordPress that I enjoyed, written by resumelevel. I’d even agree with the final score, but I am curious, why do you think we are seeing hardly any, if any at all, 3D platformers these days? Did the incredible Mario Galaxy games make all other developers cower in fear? Did gamers just get burnt out on them? Back in the N64/PS1 days, and even the PS2/Xbox/GCN days, they were one of the most popular genres. Yet today, 2D platformers are by far more relevant once again. As a kid, the 3D platformer was my favorite genre. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved the 2d resurgence and think games like Rayman Origins, Donkey Kong Country Returns and Guacamelee are fantastic, but can I please get a new 3D classic in the vein of Banjo Kazooie and Jak & Daxter?

Are you missing them too, or is it just me?


2 thoughts on “An all time favorite.

  1. Thanks for the kind response to the review.

    You may be in luck as it’s heavily rumored Rare will unveil a proper Banjo sequel at E3.
    I don’t think Jak and Crash will ever return sadly though.


  2. In response to Microsoft not being able to get Street Fighter 5 on Xbox One, Phil Spencer said hat he and Microsoft were sorry, but that they were going to make it up to Xbox subscribers by bringing back a couple of IPs they’ve had collecting dust. People had speculated for a couple weeks when it was announced that at E3 this year Microsoft will be showing off a teaser trailer for a new next-gen Banjo Kazooie game coming only on Xbox One!


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