Playstation Vue, too much too soon.

Sony has recently decided to launch a highly ambitious TV service called the Playstation Vue. It’s currently only available in NYC, Philadelphia and Chicago. Perhaps the unprecedented success of the PS4 has gone to their heads, because I really doubt this is going to take off.

This blog gives a nice overview of what users can expect from PSVue.

I think it’s simply too costly, and the internet speed that’s going to be required is too high. Maybe I’m being unfair, but I don’t think many people are willing to pay 50 dollars+ a month to replace their cable bill. Despite being cheaper than the average cable bill, it has less channels (missing ESPN and ABC is a big deal) and has the potential to be less reliable with factors like a sporadic WiFi connection with inconsistent speeds. I admire that Sony seems to be determined to enter the fray on this front alongside the new Sling TV from Dish and Apple’s upcoming TV plan that is to be unveiled this fall. However, with most gamers already subscribed to something like Netflix or Hulu (8 bucks a month each), the thought of paying 50 dollars a month for Playstation Vue is going to be out of the question. We shall see. What do you think, does this have any chance at being a success? Also, isn’t it interested that while Microsoft put so much attention into their TV incorporation with the Xbox One initially, the PS4 is seeming like the more ambitious machine at the moment?


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