Bloodborne causes many gaming journalists to quit their jobs.

The new PS4 exclusive game Bloodborne has received major critical acclaim, it currently sits at a 92 on Metacritic. Most reviewers love the atmosphere, satisfying yet brutal combat, and intricate level design. However, there is a small minority that have thrown their hands up in the air and decided that video games just aren’t for them anymore. The […]

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Brief can be better.

Many modern games are filled to the brim with stuff to do and collect, but you aren’t actually experiencing anything new. It’s becoming so common for games to have multiple collectibles that do nothing but add the illusion of value to a game. I recently played Far Cry 4. I loved the game’s art style […]

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New Blog with Mitch: NewGam3Plus

Hey everyone. Recently Mitch contributed a piece to Combo Breaker called The Ugly Side of the Handsome collection. We have recently started a new blog newgam3plus which we will co-author. There isn’t much there now, but check back soon for stories on resistance to change in the gaming industry and a firsthand experience of a Mario […]

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